Friday, May 29, 2009

TALK TENNIS Ferrer & Ferrero

I keep on writing about my two favorite tennis players David Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero so this post is about them.

They both live in a beautiful VALENCIA ( ) in Spain. I love this city - I was there the for the first time (for sure not the last :)) for tennis tournament OPEN DE TENNIS COMMUNIDAD VALENCIANA.

David Ferrer was born on 2 april 1982 in Javea in Spain. His parents are Jaime and Pilar. He start playing tennis at the age 8 with his older brother Javier. He became a profesional tennis player in 2000. David Ferrer is know as a fighter on the tennis court that never stops moving and running on the court. On february 2008 he achieved his best ranking so far as a number 4 tennis player of the world. So far he won 7 atp titles: Bucarest 2002, Stuttgart 2006, Aukland 2007, Bastad 2007, Tokyo 2007, home town Valencia 2008 and Hertogenbosch 2008. He also won David Cup with Spain in 2008. I had a pleasure meeting him and he is one of the nicest tennis players out there. To his fans he is known as FERRU. His website:

Juan Carlos Ferrero was born on 12 february 1980 in Onteniente in Spain. He is a former number one tennis player. He won 2003 French Open also known as Roland Garros or clay court Grand Slam. He got his nickname MOSQUITO due to his speed and return ability on the tennis court. He also won Master Series in Rome 2001, Monte Carlo 2002 adn 2003 and Madrid 2003. He is one of a rare tennis players who have reached the quarterfinal stage of all four Grand Slam events. He was also a part of a Spain Davis Cup team that won Davis Cup in 2000. His website:


witch_clan said...

It was not a good day for Ferrer and Ferrero today in Rolang Garros. But the good thing in this sport is that "each weak" there is a new tournament and can forguet one and think about the next and train for the next. Now they have to forgot the clay surface, because now will be in grass and the possibility of to do a great tourmanent. GO FERRER AND FERRER ALWAYS!!

SANDY said...

Yeah, the day was really not good for f and F. I was watching last set- do not like Eurosport comment. He said that he really do not know why this guys (David and Soderling) are fighting for- because the winner will in next round meet Nadal. And in the end - David was so angry because of loosing the match. Yes, but we are going forward to another matches, tournaments and wins. VAMOS DAVID AND JUAN CARLOS.

tennisgirl said...

Yes not the best day for F's. I saw just a last point of David and he really looked unhappy. Juan lost to after breaking at the start of the 5th set. I wish it would be diferent but like you girls said next tournaments are coming and many other posibilities for them. VAMOS F'S VAMOOOOOS


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