Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rolay Garros Day 4

Today was an exciting day of tennis: Tipsarevic, Ferrer, Verdasco, Gulbis, Wawrinka, Massu, Hewitt, and Rafa won today--don't forget Ounna beat Safin(very exciting match....I Loved it all the way to 10-8 in the 5th). I am waiting to Ferrero to play Vs Kolschreiber--I hope we get some tv coverage because this match will be killer. I am expecting another 5th set on this one. We want this win badly......vamos campeon


SANDY said...

Helo, helo - time is come. Just few minutes more, and Juan will come on the court. VAMOS JUAN CARLOS FERRERO!!!!!!!!!!!

SANDY said...

And I think, Ana was jumping today - what was Chuco doing to Fed??????????

tennisgirl said...

Ferrero is playing right now so we are cheering like crazy VAMOOOOOOOS JUAN VAMOOOOS

witch_clan said...

haha Rosandaaa, yes, I was jumping for Chucho hehe but finally roger won. but Chucho did a good job and I´m happy for that. And of course for David and Dani that won their doubles match. But I´m sad with the victory of Robredo against Dani. It was complicate, but wasn´t impossible. The next time will be, I´m sure for that.
And ferrero will win tomorrow the fifth sent and the match, yeeeeeees. And ferru his match versus soderling. COME ON!!!

tennisgirl said...

I saw Chochu playing too - it was good by him. I also saw David and Dani won - that os great. Yes Ferrero is fighting too to win - it was a close match so far but i hope Juan wins it tomorrow! Vamos F's


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