Saturday, May 23, 2009


There are many Great players' who can compete at a high level on Clay; we tennis Fans will definitely have a Feast. I have three favourite's for the 09 Final: Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal. All others can only dream at the moment. The truth is that these three are number 1, 2, and number 3 in the world. I am personally cheering for Ferrero, but the chances are extremely marginal. So, I am cheering for Federer. I trully feel Federer can win this year. He did just beat Nadal in Madrid to claim theMaster's title. I don't see any surprizes on this one. I am simply going to enjoy these next two weeks. We will have some long, long point's and extraordinay shot making for sure. This is the surface where a player must construct, orchestrate, and create his opportunities to triumph. I simply Love tennis! Enjoy it aswell!

It's a Tennis World

Tennis Boy


Anonymous said...

Nice post! What you wrote sounds pretty logical to me. It would be nice to see Federer winning it this year.

witch_clan said...

Sis, this week, the number 3 of the world is not Djokovic. Now is Murray. I only can say Good Luck to all the players. The level is very high, yes. And is complicate for some players do more than only try to do a good job and live the experiencie in this big clay tournament.
Rolanga is here!! In some hours, will start! COME ON!! We are waiting for that moment. We are ready!!! Tennis is live! hehe.

See you.

tennisgirl said...

hej spanish sis, I know I know but in our heads i guess number 3 is still Nole. You know Murray is not one of my favorite players he can for sure play good tennis but i don't see him as a winner.
I am ready - READY for Rollan Garros of course, I have lots of chocolate at home and hope the tv shows lots of good matches.
greetings from California!

SANDY said...

Hola, tennis fans, how are you today- great, because Roland Garros started, yeah.
I was on the beach a little bit, but after run home, switch TV on - and look - BRAVO EUROSPORT- I have tennis - and not only women, also men....

So just now I am watching Odesnik and Simon - they are playing fifth set (like some other guys- but not David).
Just like you all say, the chances to win RG are probably really only in the hands of 3 guys you mentioned before. But still we can dream about our guys too. VAMOS VALENCIA OPEN 500 - JUAN CARLOS FERRERO AND DAVID FERRER.................. See you......witch_clan how is in my Valencia?

tennisgirl said...

Hej to Slovenia! I would want to go to the beach too. Yes tennis officialy started today.
We were able to see some tennis here in California but not Ferrer - but i am happy that he played good and won - GOOD JOB DAVID!


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